Keep coming back.

One of the downsides to making a high-quality product is that you don’t get to hear from the purchaser for a long time. That’s an endorsement of the product quality and is very important to us – but it means that the customer isn’t aware of the the ongoing additions to our range.

For example –  you treat yourself to a Magne-Sleep and it can be 15 years, or more, before you need to think about replacing it.

That’s brilliant value for you, as the comfort of a pain-relieving Magne-Sleep goes on and on. But by not needing to buy a replacement for many years you possibly don’t come back to our website to see the new products and the continuing improvements we make to our range.
Even our smaller products –  like our very popular Magne-Feet for example – give the same long life durability with non-stop help. Great for people who suffer poor circulation, leg muscle cramps, cold feet or who are on their feet for long periods at a time.
Very cost-effective too – just one pair for everyday all day great results!
Magne-Sleep Lambswool Travel Pad is another product that just keeps on bringing great results. It has the same 500gsm lambswool and magnets (16) as our underlays and is a very generous size 47cm x 74cm.
If you are lucky enough to be taking a late winter break Magne-Sleep Travel is the ideal travel companion to pack for soothing rest away from home.
Great also for the armchair or your vehicle when you sit or drive for long periods at a time.
Of course, a lot of our customers do keep in contact.
They tell us about the many – and often remarkable – benefits they get from Magne-Sleep and our other products.  And they ask for information to be sent to friends and family members. They purchase additional products because they know how good our high-quality magnetic therapy can be for aches and pains and their general quality of life.
And we’re noticing that more customers are coming back for our Magnetic Pet Pads seeking comfort and pain relief for their much-loved cats and dogs.
So while a Magne-Sleep maybe a long-term purchase – maybe even a once-in -lifetime purchase – we invite you to keep coming back to our website to check out what’s new or even better.

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