When is a Sale not a Sale?

The silly season is under way and it’s already sending us silly.
Two weeks shy of Friday 13th a supposed one-day Black Friday sale started on a Thursday then continued into the following week.
Confused?  So are we.

There are “Great bargains” with enticing discounts up to 80% off the “normal” retail price.
But it’s not a one-off pre-Christmas sale.
Big Discount sales are common place now and often it’s the same retailers rotating the same product for sale or clearance week after week. Misleading? We think so, and now, so do others.
The Warehouse recently announced they had shifted away from continued sales and had moved on from inflating prices before offering discounts. And it appears to be working for them – customers and profits are returning.

Magne-Sleep it’s been our policy for many years
to keep margins low and product quality high. But lean margins leave us very little “wriggle” room.
So instead we offer real added value in a number of ways:

Free Magnetic Pillow Pads with every Magne-Sleep purchase.
Free Bonus product promotions.
Free New Zealand delivery.
10% SuperGold card discount for seniors.
90-day written warranty with each Magne-Sleep purchase.

Despite persistant wind we have enjoyed a lovely warm start to summer and our veggie garden has raced ahead. Tomato seedlings very quickly branched up and out and have now taken over the veggie patch. Underneath that thick green growth new passion fruit and basil seedlings are fighting back with a little help from me and the secateurs.
And the propagated Rosemary hedge is finally growing thanks to straw mulch, water and summer warmth.



This past week has been a very sad one for our country and tragic for many families who won’t now spend Christmas with those they love and cherish.

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