When Old Ways Become New Again.

I am a little embarrassed to admit that only very recently have we started composting kitchen scraps and working significantly to reduce the re-cycle bin.

As a child, I remember all our neighbours had a veggie garden and compost bins and often an old rusty iron drum for “burning off” rubbish.
Our family was a rather large one and our large veggie garden shared the back yard with a very basic chook house.
Dad would regularly dig kitchen waste, grass clippings and chook waste into long trenches along the garden to be turned over next season ready for planting.
After school one of us was usually sent out to the veggie garden to pick beans or dig carrots for Mum. And every Christmas day we scooped up spuds from the garden that Dad forked to the surface.
But we weren’t very eager helpers and we thought tinned peas and tinned beans tasted so much better than our own.
I left home, got married, had a family, and in time we bought and renovated an older home, adding plenty of gadgets.
We replaced the veggie garden with a swimming pool, the compost bin with a waste disposal unit and the local council truck took away the rest.
And I never really thought much about composting nor reducing household waste until a few short years ago.
Now I am foraging, recycling, repairing, restoring, bottling, pickling and of course, composting and reducing general waste.
We have made a very simple efficient compost bin from “free” slightly damaged wooden pallets. It was an easy satisfying project and as Spring arrives and the ground warms up we will enjoy feeding our garden from our own compost.
Build your own compost bin for almost “free” just click below:

Next up is the Chook house for rescue caged chickens. We are already sourcing more pallets.
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