When there are too many cooks

Do you ever get the feeling you are being sidelined, out manuevered, put to pasture, or, as in my case, sent to sea? This Christmas I had that sort of feeling. 
It was my turn to stay away from the kitchen but I do tend to hover looking for a tea towel or offer expert advice on how much longer the meat might need. But not this year.

No sooner had I donned the Christmas apron, found a dry tea towel and considered helpful advice I was politely, but firmly, told that I was going fishing for the morning instead.
Family had moored their yacht at a local marina and they were very eager to head out on what was the first calm morning in a very long time. So off we sailed, granddaughter behind the wheel and me feeling much less a deck hand than a kitchen hand.

We set anchor at a “good” fishing spot – no swell – and had just started untangling lines when a large pod of dolphins arrived, seemingly from nowhere. And they stayed and stayed. Diving beneath the yacht then arching up in pairs showing us all their beauty and magnificence.
Truly a Special Christmas Treat for us & a nice respite for our daughter happily toiling in her kitchen at home!

When we arrived home on Boxing Day the wind was back. A bit warmer but not ideal for my outdoor projects. So I headed to the laundry. Apart from the kitchen and garden it’s where I can always find things to do. Bedding, clothing, furnishings, and “delicates” as my mum would say, were all sorted and washed. Woollen jumpers and  “delicates” were threaded with old pantihose and strung out just as my mum did. Things dry fast, retain shape and you avoid peg marks.
I also machine washed our Zipout Lambswool Magne-Sleep  cover, as I do every summer. After years of lugging our original “all in one” Lambswool Magne-Sleep from the bath to the line it’s now a breeze. I simply unzip the cotton underside, detach and remove the magnetic inner and into the washing machine goes the lambswool cover. Then I set a cool gentle cycle and add wool detergent. Dry outdoors ideally on a warm breezy day. Once all is re-attached and secured to the mattress you can “fluff” up the fleece with the vacuum nozzle. And that’s it, all done for another year.
Lambswool will sometimes have trace elements from factory scouring so being able to refresh the fleece is a real bonus. With each launder the lambswool bounces back soft, thick and fluffy, as natural fibres are supposed to do, and that is a very good thing.


Gong hei fat choy

Chinese New Year on January 25th celebrates the Rat. They are the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac sign. According to Chinese mythology in a race to the line the rat climbed onto the back of the Ox then leapt off just before the finish line and sprinted ahead to win the race. Thus becoming the first in the Zodiac sign. Rats are seen as strong with great vitality and are very fertile and reproductive, as we know.

Rat or otherwise, make 2020 a great year – made even better
when you sleep on a Magne-Sleep!

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