Winter is the Best Time For a Magne-Sleep

As winter digs in and cold, damp days bring back body aches & pain it’s the best time to get into bed with a Magne-Sleep.
And a winter bed is no fun with cold sheets and cold feet.
With a Magne-Sleep (Cotton Quilted or Lambswool) on your bed there will be no cold sheet shock and cold feet will be quickly warmed. The many rows of magnets in each underlay will project instant warmth to your bedding and your body, so you sleep cosy and tight every night.
No more cold sheets and no more cold feet!

Magnetic therapy works by gently softening the blood vessels thus allowing better blood flow to your body extremeties and places of injury or inflammation.
Improved blood circulation to injured or inflammed joints will help loosen and remove toxins so healing can begin.
You will notice a sense of warmth when you first start sleeping on a Magne-sleep and this will dissipate as your body adjusts. We suggest you drink a little more water during those first weeks to help this process.
If you are a “warm” sleeper cool nights will make it easier for you to adjust to magnetic therapy. As warm nights return your body will be well adjusted and you will be enjoying all the benefits of a Magne-Sleep.
Need more winter warmth? You can safely fit your electric blanket directly underneath Magne-Sleep.
So, it makes good sense to get sleeping on a Magne-Sleep now!

And Don’t Forget Our Current On-line Bonus With Purchase.
1 x 74cm x 47cm  Pure Lambswool Car/Chair/Travel Pad with each Magne-Sleep purchase.
An ideal portable pain relief pad for people who drive or sit for long periods at a time and want relief from painful sciatica, back pain and joint stiffness.

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