Winter struggles … and a return to normal

I like to think I’m a fairly weather-tolerant person but the truth is relentless icy wind and horizontal rain have kept us indoors for weeks so my daily walks have been few and far between. On the other hand Magne-Sleep has been rather busy so there has been plenty to do inside. And more good news: NZ Post deliveries have returned to “normal” with customers receiving their parcels within a few days instead of several weeks.

Winter is our busy season at Magne-Sleep and this Winter is no exception. Both Pure Cotton or Pure Lambswool Magne-Sleep do the same great job but in winter Lambswool is always a winner. Pure Lambswool absorbs and evaporates moisture very effectively and is a natural climate adjuster. It is also able to react to our body heat fluctuations due to the tiny pockets of air created by the “crimp” in the wool fibres. This allows us to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. And the combination of natural 500gsm Lambswool and healing magnets makes for an even better all-night every-night sleep.

Did you know Lambswool Magne-Sleep is the only fully detachable & washable Magnetic Underlay?  You can detach, wash & dry your Lambswool Cover and have it re-fitted to your mattress before the end of any sunny day. You will be delighted to notice how soft, fluffy, and deeply luxurious the Lambswool feels with every wash.


Cold damp weather not only keep us indoors but we tend to notice our aches and pains a lot more. We all know the more we move the better we feel but it can be an effort and often painful just getting going. But even a short walk to the letter box or around the block can help improve our mobility by gently increasing blood flow. And the more we move the better we feel. Our Magnetic Shoe Inserts are ideal for people who want to be walking more but struggle with cold feet, muscle cramp, varicose veins and aching legs. Magne-Feet are easy to fit, light, flexible, durable, and very effective. You should quickly notice how easy it is keep walking on and on.

Free Magnetic Pillow Pads & Free Magne-Feet are included with every Magne-Sleep purchase – Pure Cotton Quilt or Zip-Off Pure Lambswool.
You really can enjoy “Much Better Nights & Much Better Days”.

The Garden:
After weeks of winter storms outside jobs have come to a grinding halt. My terracotta pot is still awaiting repair work and some newish plants seem to be leaning the wrong way. But nothing has been uprooted and my Rosemary hormone hedge is looking healthy. It is amazing how tough plants can be in a wild storm or two. The little plants you think would be most vulnerable just move with the elements while the big trees really get knocked around. My new addition to the garden is a different form of my favourite Michelia hedging. It is called Michelia Gracipes and is new to me. Grown to espeliar it has white scented flowers all summer and promises to be fuss free and low maintenance. Another great find & size this time at Mitre10 $20.00.




The Kitchen
Each winter I usually make my old staple Pea & Ham soup.
But it is a big soup and two people can’t do it justice anymore.
This year I have gone for peas again – a staple in our house – but without the ham. Enjoy.
Curried Pea Soup
1 x 500gm packet Watties frozen peas – plain or minted
60gm butter
2 tsp curry powder – your brand
1/4 cup plain flour
1 litre chicken stock
2 tbsp chopped mint
1/2 cup cream
salt & pepper
Cook peas in salted water. Drain.
Heat butter, add flour and stir in stock gradually then stir until sauce thickens.
Add peas then puree in blender.
Return to saucepan, add cream  and mint.
Season to taste and serve.
Simple but tasty.

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