New Year 2018 promises Wealth, Health & Happiness!

Apparently, number 8 is the luckiest number in ancient Chinese culture and is said to bring wealth or double happiness. And the more 8’s you have the luckier or happier you will be!
Several years ago a good dose of the lucky number 8 opened the Beijing summer Olympics commencing at 8.08pm on 08/08/08.
There is much we have learned and continue to learn from ancient cultures all over the world. And another New Year is a good time to embrace and learn new and different things.
Over the past 10 years we have introduced ancient Chinese natural products into both our Pain Relief and Natural Health care range.
Unfortunately, we haven’t yet found the lucky number nor can we promise you a miracle cure for diseases like Arthritis.
But, we can promise our drug-free Pain Relief products & Natural health products will bring you “Much Better Nights & Much Better Days”.
This coming Chinese New Year is the year of the Dog.

We have a new range of pain relief pet beds that will be on our website later this month.
A great way to help our furry friends also enjoy “Better Nights & Better Days”.



Fast Result Pain-Relief & Natural Health buys:
Magnetic Shoes Inserts: Simple, Fast, Effective. $30.00 pair.
Magnetic Pillow Pad – Portable Pain Relief Pad. $35.00 each.
Bamboo Charcoal Bar -Cleanses-makeup too! heals, restores. $9.00 bar.

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