Wonders of the Insect World

Probably like most of New Zealand, our area has enjoyed a Summer soundtracked with the constant chirp of cicadas.  They’ve emerged in their millions and have woken us in the mornings and sung us
to sleep each night (as well as giving Benny the opportunity to demonstrate his fearless wildcat hunting skills).

Another natural phenomena has been the appearance of beautiful Monarch butterflies in really good numbers.  These delightful creatures get a bit tossed around in the constant easterly winds we’ve endured since whenever but these seem unfazed by this and happily waft from one precarious perch to another.

We often overlook the insect world and how it impacts on our quality of life.  They seem the simplest of creatures but they can make immense contributions to our lives in so many positive ways that we often take for granted.  Most of them seem to have pretty shorty and uneventful existences, sometimes decorative and sometimes not so nice to look at, but there are many that provide us with clever ways and means to make our lives so much better.

While we enjoy the cicadas singing and the butterflies flitting we have a real soft spot for the Mulberry Silkworm.  It’s a quite remarkable insect that creates a exceptional natural fibre that can be woven into a fabric with so many wonderful attributes.

The Mulberry Silkworm is native to China where the history of silk making dates back more than 5,000 years.  Because the silkworms are fed only Mulberry leaves, the resulting silk is some of the finest available in the world.  Pure white in color and made up of individual long fibers, Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk.

One of the unique benefits of Mulberry silk is that it is 100% natural, odorless and hypoallergenic.  Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sericin that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. This makes Mulberry silk a really healthy and safe choice for those with allergies.

Although we don’t see Mulberry Silkworms in New Zealand we do see the end results of their quite magical secretions that adds very special attributes to our Mulberry Silk and Lambswool Pillows.

Our Pure Mulberry Silk / Blend Pillow is light and luxuriously plump with an inner core of Pure Lambswool and high-loft inner that is wrapped with an outer layer of Pure Mulberry Silk Strands. This special structure ensures the Pure Mulberry strands will draw moisture away from your body to bring better cool sleep.  The inclusion of Pure Lambswool creates a pillow that is wonderfully comfortable and promotes ideal relaxing sleep.

We’ve sold an impressive number of these pillows in recent years
and feedback from buyers is universally positive.
Winter and Summer, they make night times extra special.

If you’d like to know more about these luxurious Mulberry Silk + Lambswool pillows or any of our other products please call or email us at any time, or check out our FAQ page.  We’re always happy to answer your questions and promise that we won’t assail you with hardsell pressure or some of the rather dubious claims we’re frustrated to see other marketers promoting.  We like to keep it simple, honest and easy to understand, confident in our product quality and value that’s made Magne-Sleep New Zealand’s most trusted magnetic underlay.

Borne On The Wind
The constant easterlies are just about wearing me to a frazzle but there are some quite special compensations.  The local birdlife seems to get a real kick out of riding the gusts as they swirl up the hills and across our ridge.  Tui swoop across, sometimes seeming to struggle to keep in flight; thrushes, mynahs and blackbirds handle the wind with ease; piwakawaka keep low to the ground; and the hawks glide through it all with such graceful ease as they relentlessly search for prey in the neighbouring paddocks.

Last week we had three of the fattest kereru I’ve ever seen.  They flapped and flopped through the wind, occasionally soaring spectacularly upwards before stalling and plummeting earthwards to roost and gorge themselves in our cabbage trees that are currently in full flower.

Their arrival – and their impressive size – was all too much for Benny who kept a cautious cat’s eye on them while crouched under a protective olive tree.  The kereru are beautiful birds and a delightful addition to our regular flypasts of different bird species (and occasional bits of our laundry as the wind rips them off the clothesline!).  We have pheasants and blue heron nesting nearby; kaka often pass by as do rosellas, ducks, canadian geese and spotted doves; ruru hoot and hunt at night; and the timid pippits love to hop around on the newly-cut grass.

All this natural activity reminds me – as I curse another wind gust – that we live in a very special place, away from the turmoils of the world at large.  Most importantly, we sleep really well at night, with equal thanks to our Magne-Sleep magnetic underlays and the peaceful rural community that surrounds us.  What more could we ask for?

Daylight Saving Time ends soon and the cooler Autumn temperatures will replace the humidity of what has been a long hot Summer.
We hope the months to come treat you well and the horrors of Covid
and the disgraceful Ukraine invasion are quickly behind us.

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